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108 W. Main St.
Silver Lake, IN 46982

Gift Cards Available!

Open March 10th for the 2017 Season!

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Sell Our Ice Cream Pints

Raise Money with The Igloo Fundraising Cart!

Fundraising can be easy as 1, 2, 3 with the help of The Igloo Ice Cream Shop in Silver Lake, IN!

  1. Call us to see if we have your event date available.  

  2. Make sure on your end that we can sell ice cream at that event and tell everyone it’s coming!

  3. Line up two people to show up and sell.

We bring the cart to you, have the half pints or pints of ice cream dished and ready to sell, and pick it up when you are done.

Half pints normally sell for $3.50 and pints for $5 of which your organization makes $1 each.

This works great at High School, college sporting events, first Friday’s, charity events, and local festivals.

Retail Ice Cream Pints and Raise Funds

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We also do fundraiser nights at The Igloo Ice Cream Shop. Your school, sports team, or local organization comes and helps dip ice cream for 3 hours and you make 20% of all sales. Up to you to do all the advertising and get the word out - we just supply the yummy ice cream! These spots are limited so we recommend you contact us early to reserve a spot.


There’s one more great option for fundraising… taking pre-orders! We have had great success with preschools with 20 kids selling over 300 pints by order forms! We charge you $4 a pint and you can charge $5 or $6 depending on your area so the profit of $1 or $2 is all yours to keep. We have the pints ready for you, and up to you to divide them per order. We have had school organizations, preschool, and church groups looking to raise money for mission trips that have had great success with this program. Again - dates are limited so call us early!

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Contact Our Ice Cream Shop Today

Treat your family and friends to thick and velvety ice cream we offer at The Igloo Ice Cream Shop. Bring our ice cream at your event. We rent out our carts for birthday parties, graduations, company events, and fundraising events. Book an appointment today! Call us using the number listed on this website to learn more about our ice cream shop and the frozen treats we offer.